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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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"news 4 today" starts now. >> we weren't eligible because we work for nbc. >> exactly. exactly. >> wait a second. so does he, though. >> no, but he's an independent contractor. >> oh, okay. >> "people" magazine -- >> it's blake shelton. we'll tell you why later. the jury is still out in some spaces, i'm just going to say. >> oh. >> not going to tag anybody with any particular opinions. >> okay. >> what are you talking about, aaron? >> thank you, sheena. >> i'm sure he's lovely. >> thanks for letting everybody know. >> not just you. >> congratulations. >> i think he's handsome. i love the southern charm. >> let me get that -- >> seriously. ouch. >> you're alone on that island. let's talk about the weather. we'll talk about blake shelton again, i'm sure. temperatures this morning, it's that kind of weather where you need to cover your fingers. my fingers were
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walking in this morning. and we have areas at or below freezing. live look outside shows we are nice and dry. the skies cleared out overnight. that allowed temperatures to get pretty cold. we are talking about 20s on the map. winchester, 27. dulles, 28. 29 manassas. fredericksburg has dropped below freezing at 31 degrees. 30 in frederick. 40 in annapolis. as you are commuting and leaving the house, dry roads by 7:00 a.m. you'll probably want the heat on. we'll have the sun glare this morning. by lunchtime, more clouds and by your evening commute, you'll notice just about cloudy skies. one disturbance will swing up the clouds and get the rain coming in late tonight. we'll show you the timing. as far as the commute is concerned, let's check in with melissa mollet. >> good morning. a couple of issues that chopper is headed to right now. 95 northbound after fairfax
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disabled vehicles blocking one lane at this point this morning. taking a look at the other problems there on 95. northbound after prince william parkway. had that delay. 50 at sparrow farm has a crash. at belmont ridge road at shreveport drive, a crash. 6:02. new details this morning about a prince gorges county section assault scandal. >> complaints about a school aide went unchecked. it alleges that the school leadership's failure to act allowed deonte carraway abused 20 students and produced pornographic videos over 15 months until he was caught. justin finch is live with more on what the court documents revealed. very disturbing, justin. >> reporter: disturbing indeed,
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took so long to get him away from the kids. the post report points to several missed opportunities that put children in jeopardy according to civil lawsuits just filed. the post reporting that less than two months at the elementary a fourth grader came to an administrator and said carraway had nasty things with kids on his phone. the administrator did not investigate any further. the civil suit alleging here that then principal michelle williams allowed carraway around children despite the allegations here. the post also knowing that carraway was able to get students at will out of their classrooms and he volunteered after being fired up until his arrest in february of 2016. of course, carraway is serving a combined 175 years in prison of sex abuse of children -- of
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abusing, rather, more than 20 children we're told. justin finch live in glen arden. dna is helping build a stronger case in the death of ashanti billie. investigators say dna of eric davis was found inside of billie's car. she didn't show up for work in september. her body was found a couple of weeks later in north carolina. we're following a developing story now in northern california where a sheriff credits quick thinking teachers for saving the lives of a number of children. a man went on a random shooting rampage north of sacramento yesterday. the gunman shot someone at home and then headed for an elementary school. teachers heard those first shots fired and locked the school down. he walked on the campus with a semi-automatic rifle and tried
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couldn't. >> this incident, as tragic and bad as it is, could have been so much worse if it wasn't for the quick thinking and staff at our elementary school. >> teachers are heroes. the man shot into the building and hurt one student. in all four people died and ten were hurt. the family has identified the gunman as 43-year-old kevin neil. he was shot and killed by police. rose mcgowan is free on bond after turning herself in in virginia. she did that yesterday on a month old arrest warrant for felony drug possession stemming from a flight she took to dulles airport in january. she was in town after president trump's inauguration. something she left aside tested positive for narcotics. this morning we're learning that embattled alabama senate
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him. >> chris lawrence is live in the newsroom with what the candidates had to say. >> he said there is a spiritual battle taking place in politics. this is roy moore's first public appearance since the fifth woman came out to accuse him. last night he spoke to a baptist church revival but barely mentioned the sexual misconduct allegations against him. >> obviously i've made a few people mad. i'm the only one that can unite democrats and republicans because i seem to be opposed by both. >> moore spoke at a church in alabama at the god save america conference. he's a republican but claims people in his own party are working with democrats to force him out of the race. a lot of republicans on capitol hill have come forward to say they'd rather have a
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than moore. >> chris, thank you. 6:07. president trump is back in d.c. after a 12-day visit to asia. the president is promming what he calls a major statement about his trip. the statement is likely to focus on trade. the national park service is getting push back over a proposal to close fields at the national monument and raise other field costs. now seven democrats from d.c., maryland and virginia arc gu the national mall should remain open to anyone for any activity. they want the park service to reconsider the decision. we are on day three of our cookoff challenge. molette green is already counting the crab balls. they sound delicious, molette. >> she has hopped to the next fire house. molette, what's happening? you're montgomery county this morning. >> reporter: oh, my go
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show that pasta. very important ingredient. how much pasta does it take to feed a fire house like this? engine 32, hand out those plates. i know you're hungry. engine 32 here darnstown road montgomery county. we're in rockville. peter corte is leading the way working on the crab balls, chicken marsella. this is day three of our firefighter cookoff. are we ready? >> we're ready. >> peter, are you ready? >> we've got this. >> we're going to talk to peter about what he's cooking up, why it's so popular here and of course fire safety. a lot of fires that you see them cover start in the kitchen. that's coming up. >> you should see the shenanigans behind you. >> i love the enthusiasm. >> shenanigans behind us. i know. >> good energy. >> molette, thank you. back on ho
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ucla basketball players return to the u.s. the shoplifting scandal that caused an international incident and why they still may not be in the clear. attacked on metro. riders targeted. new surveillance video of the so called tax robberies and why some of these attacks could be coming to an end. good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a cold start this morning. 20s and 30s. afternoon temperatures up into the low 50s but there are rain ances cochmi
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what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ only eight more days until thanksgiving. getting on the cool side as well. looks like it's going to be cold turkey being
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nature this year. cool and dry today. turning on the breezy side tomorrow. in fact, a rather windy pattern shaping up over the next couple of days. sheena will talk about that. for now, melissa mollet says there are troubles on the in bound commute. >> troubles on 95 in virginia. chopper 4 over this problem. we have the three right lanes getting by here this morning. still, again, very, very slow northbound before fairfax county parkway. full details coming up. >> melissa, thank you. 6:13. three ucla basketball players detained in china will speak publicly for the first time. they were accused of shoplifting in that country. we're looking at video showing liangelo ball, cody riley and jalen hill arriving at lax. president trump and the state department intervened on the players' behalf earlier this week. it's not clear if the players will face disciplinary action fr
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it's time to check in with molette green for our firefighter cookoff challenge, which she started the week in manassas where she sampled some risoto shrimp scam p pi. short ribs. >> yesterday she tasted some goods beef and broccoli at engine company 13 in southwest d.c. >> don't forget the homemade egg rolls. >> masterful. >> this morning she has made her way to maryland to a fire house montgomery county. >> what's cooking there today, molette? >> reporter: oh, chicken marsella on the menu. who doesn't love chicken marsella? peter corte is the man at engine 32 this morning cooking it up here in the kitchen. you are serious about food. >> absolutely. i love to cook. i love to cook for people. i love to cook for the guys, my family, which is where it all started. >> your family is here today. we've got your wife, your two
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nick all here. and the guys from engine 32 up early this morning. what's on the menu today? so we have dhiken marsella. >> that's one of the favorites here at the fire house. i made it for the guys a couple of months ago. they loved it. we decided to throw it down today. >> let's look at the crab balls. >> yeah, we made up some maryland crab balls over here. got a super secret recipe, pretty good. i don't think you're going to get better anywhere at any restaurant. >> now look, talk about fire safety because a lot of fires start in the kitchen. people trying to do their thing. >> we have a lot of issues this time of year especially with thanksgiving coming up, the holidays come around. >> what do we need to do? >> we need to make sure we keep the cooking area clear. no combustibles near the stove. make sure that we're not getting your kids running up to the stove and doing those kinds of things. we want to make sure you're aware of your surroundings
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120,000 emergency calls every year montgomery county and engine 32 is busy. chicken marsella. how are we looking and smelling so far? okay. you have a robust instagram page. >> i do. >> i'm not sure if we were able to roll on that video, but you are serious. this is the captain's kitchen man right here, folks. he's putting down the challenge. we're going to talk about who you're sending the challenge out to. >> i need to find his instagram page right away. i'm following the captain. >> all right. thanks, guys. just about 17 after the hour right now. we have some breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> melissa, what's going on. >> breaking news, chopper 4 over the problem that is continuing to grow. northbound 95 before fairfax county parkway. we have the crash and response mostly on the left side, but as chopper zooms out you can see we have a five mile backup as you're headed northbound. also ahead, an
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after prince william parkway. that has cleared. you're seeing some delays northbound in that camera. look at the map. it is pretty gross there as you head in. inner and outer loop, very normal. a little bit light even. as far as your travel times, 270 is fifteen. 95 over 270 on the outer loop. 66 in bound is fine. that is your problem. almost an hour quantico to the beltway. good morning, sheena. >> good morning, melissa. i have some pictures to share from you from my school visit. dorothy height elementary school. the kids made me this welcome sign. we talked about weather, of course. that is the 2nd and kindergarten classes. they were very well behaved. they made me this cute card. thank you to dorothy heights elementary school and students. they actually kept their attention for way longer than i would. i'll pick that card up later. that was a gat
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if your kids are heading to the bus stop this morning, we are in the 20s across much of the area. make sure you bundle up. 25 in manassas. the numbers have continued to drop. 36 in washington. 34 quantico. 32 right now in clinton. we're dry so that's the good news but we're watching this rain off to our west. that's going to move in overnight and for early tomorrow morning. walking the dog today, destiny here for adoption. head to their website at the humane society. mostly cloudy by 5:00 p.m. temperatures topping out in the low 50s. future weather shows those clouds moving in and there is that rain chance coming overnight. mainly light showers and into early tomorrow morning. we'll be watching for the rain for part of your thursday morning commute. it's mostly early. friday will be a cooler day, too. 52 for a high. rain returns saturday. mostly afternoon and evening. could linger into sunday. wait until you see
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thanksgiving. 6:19 now. how far would you go to get your fast food fix. meet the crook with a craving and the drama that played out at the mickey d's drive through. >> getting into gear for the holiday shopping season. the deal you can get only in toy stores and how some retailers are teaming up to win you over. later kim kardashian dishing out all the gossip on ellen. fun starts at 3:00 and then keep
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you're watching "news 4 today." the woman in what has become a viral photo is getting some help courtesy of a go fund me page. looking at julie brisk man. she flipped the bird when president trump's motorcade drove by. the go fund me page is intended to support her since she lost her job after telling her company a government contractor that she is the person in the photo. so far the go fund me page has raised nearly $60,000. well, the voetsd are in and we now know who the sexiest man alive is this year. >> take a look. blake shelton. he now holds the coveted title of 2017's sexiest man alive. "people" magazine teased it all week with hints of who will be nam
6:23 am
media tweeting don't hate me because i'm beautiful. >> there are a lot of other great quotes in the article if you read some of it. the newest sexiest man alive back on "the voice" for a special episode leading up to the finals. you can catch "the voice" at 9:00 here on nbc 4. >> you know adam's going to jab him for that. >> lots of time talking about that. well, this week we are taking a close look at re-inventing retail. toy stores are not getting the sort of foot traffic they're used to. online shopping has replaced children running through the aisles. >> the holiday season is a crucial one. susan hogan looks at how they're trying to get you back in the door. >> reporter: well, get this. a recent survey found that amazon was the place to buy toys last christmas season. they trumped toys"r"us, walmart and even target. so this year those stores are fighting back big time. after toys"r"us filed for b
6:24 am
launched this app. it sends children on somewhat of a scavenger hunt and it only works inside the store. >> i think it's really going to change the perception that the customer has of us being transactional to more of an experience in the store. >> reporter: if you can't beat them, join them. some retailers have partnered with ecommerce businesses like amazon and google. kohl's has a designated space where it sells the amazon echo. best buy is teaming up with voice shopping and walmart decided to hook up with google express. its voice activated shopping platform. target says it will do the same starting next year. tomorrow on "news 4 today," customer service, what do you think about it? a lot of people say it simply stinks. this year major retailers are actually reaching deep into their pockets and offering an incentive for employees to play nice. what that is, we'll tell you
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>> and don't forget nbc 4's annual food 4 families campaign is underway. we need you to provide for veterans families and elderly in our community. >> go to nbc 4 and search for food 4 families. click on the donation link. you'll see where you can drop off canned or boxed foods. help out in whatever way you can. every little bit helps. >> we appreciate the support you've given us over all of these years. well, a cab ride to freedom. a man described as a violent psycho path is on the run. how he executed a well-planned escape and where he's heading next. >> reporter: holiday travel rush around the corner. whether you're at the airports or on the roads, we have the tips to avoid all theheadaches.
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"news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. you can check out the sun as
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the horizon. a shade of pink there. it's there, somewhere. >> definitely. >> thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> first we want to help you get out the door this morning. have some breaking news to start with in first 4 traffic. let's get right to melissa mollet. >> breaking news. chopper 4 showing you this problem in virginia. northbound 95 before fairfax county parkway. right now left side of the roadway is blocked with the crash and the response. they're only getting by on the right. this is a five-mile delay. take a look at that issue through the woodridge area. 66 okay. a little slow in bound. beltway, no major problems. outer loop here a passenger approaching georgia and inner loop as you're approaching the bridge there. good morning, mr. bell. >> good morning, melissa. everybody struck in traffic. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. a lot of the suburbs are down to below freezing this morning. in the mid 30s here in northwest washington under what is still a mostly clear sky. little bit of fog.
6:30 am
pointed out to the east. sun is up just before 7:00 a.m. it will stay cool for the next couple of hours. upper 20s in the shenandoah valley. planning out the day. sun's up at 6:51. down at 4:54. a lot of clouds back later on in the day. a chance for a few showers during the late evening hours. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast. chuck, thank you. 6:30. in our top stories this morning. new details about the school sex abuse scandal in prince gorges county. the washington post reports school staff at judge sylvania woods school knew about multiple complaints of deonte carraway's disturbing behavior. he's serving 175 years for sexually abusing 20 children. alabama senate candidate roy moore is defiant amidst calls for him to drop out of the race. he's accused of sexual
6:31 am
when he was in his 30s. at an event last night the republican said, quote, there is a spiritual battle going on in american politics. moore denies all allegations of sexual misconduct and has refused to drop out of the race. police believe a serial killer has struck again in florida. a homeless man walking to church is believed to be the fourth victim of this serial killer in tampa. police say the serial killer seems to be picking victims randomly. the latest victim was shot just blocks from a memorial honoring the other three people who were killed over the last month in tampa. 6:31 is your time. following breaking news of deadly storms in greece. chris lawrence has more from the live desk. >> eun, we're getting a new look at what's happening in some of the towns of athens after a suddendown pour drenched the areas and trapped families into their homes. it has turned roads into rivers of mud and debris. the storm has killed at least five people with the fire brigade saying they found the bodies of threeen
6:32 am
women. you can see the damage there. it's just horrible. other firefighters helped to rescue passengers from a bus that got stranded on the highway when the water started to rise. this storm was intense to say the least. it caused schools to shut down in several areas. back to you. >> chris lawrence. chris, thank you. all manassas city police officers will soon begin wearing body cameras. the program aims to document interactions between citizens and officers. the department began a pilot program back in june. six officers tested out those cameras and the department says they saw positive results. now all officers of the patrol and investigative services division will be issued body worn cameras. a prince gorges county police officer has been convicted of assaulting a homeless woman. last year george merkel hit a homeless woman in the head as he yelled at her to move from a business. he faces ten years in
6:33 am
police force. we have some disturbing video from the shaw neighborhood in d.c. it shows a group of people beating a man with a baseball bat and robbing him. this happened last friday morning outside of the lincoln moreland apartments on 7th street northwest. you can see the video shows the woman hitting the man with the bat as two men kick him. a fourth man stands by and watches. according to a police report, the victim was on his way up to his girlfriend's apartment. the attacker stole several items from his pockets. if you recognize the people in the video, call police. they targeted passengers riding metro trains and buses beating and robbing them. these assaults caught on surveillance video. now two brothers you see here will go to prison for beating and robbing a man on a red line train. they were sentenced to 7 and 6 years respectively. the victim says he no longer takes metro because he's afraid of being attacked. this morning re
6:34 am
more about the man accused of killing a mother in a terrible crash in loudoun county. prosecutors say at the time of the crash tony dane was facing several felony charges in nevada. he was indicted for extorsion and wire tapping last year. dane told investigators his brakes failed and he was unable to stop before slamming into erin kaplan's vehicle. he will be in court today for a bond hearing. he is facing several charges including involuntary manslaught manslaughter. inova fairfax hospital is working to reschedule over 100 elective surgeries after a strange discovery. sand-like particles were found on sterilized equipment. a hospital official says the particles appear to have come from the sterilization process itself. surgical equipment from other inova facilities will be used for surgeries scheduled for today. 6:34. students will have a long summer break at t
6:35 am
break montgomery county. they approved a 2018-2019 calendar. the first day of classes will be after labor day on september 4th. they'll be in class until june 13th. they will still have time off for rosh hashanah and yom kippur. spring break will be 6 days instead of 10. it's scheduled for the wednesday through monday around easter. 6:35. over the hill and through the woods to -- >> grandmother's house we go. >> i was going say to stress and alcohol. trying to avoid that. thanksgiving is a week away and millions are going to be traveling. >> our crowded roads are already crowded. airports are crowded. they'll be more packed. news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss has tips on how you can avoid the worst of it, adam. happens every time this year. >> reporter: every time. let's take away the stress though for aaron. let's do that. listen, we're talking about airports first, guys. we're here at ragan national because, yes, it's going to get
6:36 am
here of course as people head out to wherever they're going to go. aaa has some interesting information out this year that they've been looking at. this is some new stuff compared to the past. they say every day you wait from now until thanksgiving airfare will go up an additional $10. for instance, if you wait two days or three days from now to book your flight and you haven't booked it already, it's going to go up 20 or $30 in the next couple of days. that's something we haven't heard in the past. certainly does become the case as we start to hit the airports and get ready to go on our trip. now on the roads it's a different story. google maps has already crunched some numbers. everybody is getting into the thanksgiving travel get away data. they have found that the best day to leave is thanksgiving morning at 6:00 in the morning. the worst day to leave, of course, is wednesday before thanksgiving in the afternoon. they're saying around 3:00, that is a terrible day and time to go. the best day to come back, sunday in the morning at 6:00 and the worst day to come
6:37 am
saturday at 4 in the morning. guys, back out here live. 45 million americans are expected to travel over these next coming days as we go forwards thanksgiving and getting into the holidays and spirits. everybody needs to be patient, pack some extra time out there. it really depends on your trip and where you're going to make it all work for you. aaron, don't stress. you're going to be fine, buddy. it will be fine. >> i bought my mom's plane ticket for 3:00 wednesday afternoon. >> uh-oh. >> you didn't listen to adam's tip. >> that might be tough. >> i wish i had known then. >> thanks, adam. 6:37 right now. a star surrenders. the mug shot being shared all over social media. how she's already planning her next move. deadly shooting rampage. children dodging bullets. the gunman
6:38 am
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mace sieve multi-state manhunt for a man described as a violent psycho path has shifted to california. a camera caught him in a cab. he took the cab to a charter flight headed to san jose, california. police don't know if he is still in california but he does still have family there. >> then i get to share this odd piece of video with you. from howard county police. look at this. this is a lady, you see in the video here, reaching through a mcdonald's drive through window. this is in columbia. grabs a cup, puts it up to the drink machine. >> she was thirsty. >> didn't work out so well here. what do you do? you slide back out of the window and then you climb completely through it. >> all the way in. >> to help yourself. >> police say she stole some cash in addition to food. police are offering a $500 reward in this case. and the embarrassment of this may be punishment enough. >> i was going to s
6:42 am
is circulating everywhere. >> not a good look. just saying. day three of our firefighter cookoff is in full swing. >> she is in at the fire station. what's cooking over there? >> reporter: good morning to you guys. the plates are all lined up ready for peter corte's chicken marsella in the pan. they have a saying here at engine 32. what do you guys say? >> 32 can do! >> that's the challenge. >> coming up next on "news 4 today." and breaking news in first 4 traffic right now. big delays 95 northbound before fairfax county parkway.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
shooting rampage. the targets were random. what sparked the shooting that had school children ducking for cover. it continues. it's like they were shooting, emptying a magazine, pop another one in. in the hot seat on capitol hill. attorney general jeff sessions testifies. some lawmakers say he lied about his involvement in the russia investigation. i don't think it's right to accuse me of doing
6:46 am
virginia. a mug shot of a hollywood star. what rose mcgowan is vowing to do next. warning ignored. new allegations emerge. the new twist in the child sex abuse scandal in a local community and the new finger pointing about how a teacher's aide got away with it for months. new details this morning about a prince george's county school sex scandal. a new civil lawsuit claims that complaints about a school aide went unchecked. >> it alleges the school leadership's failure to investigate allowed him to produce dozens of pornographic videos and abuse 20 students for 15 months. justin finch is live with more on what the court documents revealed. >> reporter: that's right. the school aide here at judge
6:47 am
sylvania woods, a 4th grader was already complaining about deonte carraway saying he had nasty things with kids on his cell phone. after that complaint and many more he was allowed to keep his job. the post reporting here that because ignoring claims like that and many more he was allowed to abuse children for more than a year. a civil lawsuit claims he had total lack of supervision gaining unlimited access to his victims. the suit goes on to allege that then principal michelle williams spoke with carraway via e-mail about inappropriate contact with children. the post notes carraway was able to take students out of class at his own will despite the allegations brewing in the school. now he was laid off in september of 2015, but the post also notes he was able to continue volunteering up until his arrest in february of 2016. he is now serving a combined 175 year prison sentence for federal charges of child sex abuse and
6:48 am
charges. back in to you. >> justin finch live for us in glen arden this morning. thank you. 6:48. a man went on a deadly rampage in california and this morning we're learning more about what may have set him off. news 4's chris lawrence is in the newsroom with more. chris, good morning. >> reporter: un, this may have all started with some sort of dispute between two neighbors. police in northern california say kevin neil shot and killed his neighbor, then went looking for more people. neighbors say they had been trying to warn police about neil. >> the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds, large magazines and, you know, we just -- we made it aware that this guy has been crazy and he's been threatening us. >> reporter: neil went to an elementary school and couldn't get in. they received an alert and ed
6:49 am
one student was hurt and expected to be okay. neil killed four people before officers were able to shoot and kill him. aaron? >> chris lawrence in the newsroom. thank you. 6:49 now. dna is helping the fbi build a stronger case against the man accused in the death of ashanti billie. eric brown's dna matches evidence found inside her car. witnesses say brown did construction work near billie's job. billie did not show up to work at a military base in september. her body was found in north carolina. brown is charged in her murder. this morning outspoken harvey weinstein accuser rose mcgowan is free on bond. she turned herself in on an arrest warrant for felony drug possession. she was in town for the women's march after president trump's inauguration. something she left behind on the flight tested positive for narcotics. it is unclear why it tookr
6:50 am
to light. now we turn to decision 2017 where democrat joshua cole has filed a lawsuit over the ballot counting controversy in stafford county, virginia. he leads cole by 58 visits. the electoral board did not count 55 absentee ballots the morning after the election. cole is suing to have those votes counted. he has not said yet if he will demand a recount. the house democratic caucus will hold a hearing with cole's attorney to talk about the lawsuit. 6:50. breaking news on your commute this morning. >> let's get right to melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. >> 95 northbound chopper 4 showing you before fairfax county parkway. a three-mile backup as you head northbound. two different crashes are what caused this problem for us. in bound on 66 through manassas, a tt
6:51 am
brist bristol, crash there. outbound 14th street bridge, crash in bound and outbound. slow on the 14th street bridge. as we widen out here a little bit, you can see the beltway looks very normal right now. 270 southbound a little slow through germantown, gaithersburg, rockville. as you get down towards the spur, not terrible here this morning. you can see up top on 270 not so bad as you are leaving 70. that's the slow spot. we've shifted that slowdown a little bit south of there. taking a look at your travel times. 270, not so bad. top of the beltway going to take you 25 minutes to get from 95 to 270 on the outer loop. 66 in bound is okay. your slow spot, 95 north quantico to the beltway going to take you almost an hour and a half. that is what chopper was showing us. >> an hour and a half just to get to work? that's not good at all. view outside this morning down over national airport, skies are mostly clear there. the view from our tower camera,
6:52 am
eastern horizon this morning. it's a cold one. 36 degrees in washington with a little bit of a breeze. wind chills down to 31. temperatures in the western suburbs mostly in the mid to upper 20s. prince gorges county at the freezing mark. on the whole, the daily grade for today, not a bad day to be outside. after plenty of sunshine, we'll get to more clouds later in the day. temperatures up near 53 degrees. for what to wear, you'll need your warm coat. no need for an umbrella. there will be a chance for light rain showers coming in after 8:00 this evening. here's the rain moving in towards indianapolis. we'll get that ripple of moisture to come on through here. take a look at future weather. skies going from mostly sunny to mostly cloudy by 7:00 p.m. after 8:00, 9:00, a little chance for light rain. right about 10:00, 11:00 towards midnight. it's a quick mover. by the time we get to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the rain chance will be gone and we'll
6:53 am
getting back towards sunshine. winds northwest 15 to 25, maybe even 35 miles an hour. the warmest part of the day will be early on during the day. highs near 59. don't be fooled. it's going to be a breezy and chilly afternoon tomorrow. downright chilly on friday with a high near 52. saturday starts dry and sunday ends dry. saturday afternoon, saturday night and early sunday there is a significant rain chance there. let's go back to the news. >> thank you, chuck. it's now 6:53. time to check in with molette green with our firefighter cookoff challenge. she sampled short ribs and shrimp scam p pi. >> yesterday she had beef and broccoli. >> don't forget the egg rolls. >> scrumptious looking. i don't know from experience but this morning molette has made her way to a fire house in rockville, maryland. the competition continues. what do you have, molette? >> oh, man. bragging
6:54 am
engine 32. let me show you the final plates here. chicken marsella and the crab balls. y'all like that? peter corte is the man here at the fire house cooking it up this morning with all of his supporters. his family came out. all of the guys woke up this morning for this. you've been passionate about this. cooking in a fire house since you were 16 years old. >> yes. started when i was 16 down at station 7 montgomery county. >> you have this robust instagram page. >> i do. >> the captain's kitchen. >> i do. >> for all of your plates. >> plating the food up. >> it's incredibly important. >> it should really look like something you want to eat. and that you're going to want to eat. >> you make them wait before they can eat. when we go out, they have something pretty nice. don't eat that. i grab their plate. i'm taking
6:55 am
>> the career volunteer fire department. >> the firefighters love having a great meal when they get to the end of that dinner time. >> dig in. >> at the end of the day. and it's important to everybody in the station that we kind of get together. >> oh, yeah. >> talk about what we've been doing during the day. >> absolutely. you saw manassas. >> we did. >> you saw d.c. yesterday. >> we did. >> how do you measure up with your chicken marsella. how do you measure up? >> i think this is going to be the winning dish here. >> okay. >> i think, one, we're going to pound pg. >> pound pg. >> okay. >> we pounded pg. they're going to bring something really nice. everything else we've seen this week has been great, but i think we've got the winning touch here. >> what do you say, engine 32? what's your slogan? >> 32 can do! >> 32
6:56 am
say here montgomery county. that's the latest live from rockville. eat up. where's my plate? >> love the effort and the enthusiasm there this morning. >> thanks, molette. 6:56. here are the four things to know before you head out the door. president trump is back in washington after his trip to asia. he could make what he's calling a major statement about his trip as early as today. the "today" show will have the latest next. school officials may have known about allegations about a prince george's county school aide more than a year before his arrest of sex abuse. there's a new civil lawsuit. deonte carraway is serving more than 100 years in prison for abusing 20 students. the u.s. embassy in zimbabwe has closed after it appears the military has taken control of the government. the military announced it has the president in custody but insists this is not a coup. we'll keep monitoring the story for you in the nbc washin
6:57 am
sessions spent five hours testifying before lawmakers yesterday. he denies he ever lied to congress during last year's election. the "today" show will have a look at his testimony coming up in just a couple of seconds here. and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with all of your weather, traffic, any local news for you. hope you will join us then. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, face of a killer. the gunman behind that deadly rampage in northern california, identified as 43-year-old kevin neal. his violence spree, leaving four te people dead, others injured. we're on the scene live. roy moore jokes about his sex assault scandal. >> i'm the only one who can unite democrats and republicans. because i seem to be opposed by both. >> but the republican national committee is not laughing, severing financial ties with moore's campaign. on the loose. police desperate to track down an


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